Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) may sound like a complex issue but in actual fact, most companies in North Texas, South Texas and West Texas have experienced a transient voltage surge at some time or another. TVSS can occur in many ways including:

• Power failure, especially when power is restored
• Starting and stopping heavy duty appliances or machinery
• Initial turning on of power
• Electrical fault conditions
• Lightning strikes in or around your facility

Texas Oilfield Lightning Protection
Transient Voltage Surge Suppression units may be installed at a service entrance to provide excellent protection against dangerous voltage spikes. Voltage spikes can occur without warning and even though they only last for a millisecond, they can do extensive damage to your equipment and expensive machinery. Surge protection is cost effective and it’s a sure method of avoiding damage and providing oilfield lightning protection

How Surge Protection Works
Within just moments, voltage can spike to 2000 volts causing significant damage, lost data, and downtime for your business. A surge protector diverts the excess voltage into ground wires and stops it from flowing into your equipment. It also allows normal voltage to continue on its path. TVSS units are available in modular and non-modular designs and feature today’s best industrial safety ratings.

Low-Cost Surge Protection
If your company’s daily workflow depends on large machinery and/or delicate electronics, then Transient Voltage Surge Protection is a must. This is a low-cost way to ensure that equipment will keep running even during a big thunderstorm or electrical problems. All businesses are subject to sudden spikes in electrical current. Even the air conditioning unit switching on and off can sometimes cause a spike in power that can damage expensive equipment.

In big storms with lots of lightning, equipment is most often damaged by transient voltage. These can occur even on RF transmission lines and telecommunications lines. Transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) is designed to handle these spikes in current and keep all your equipment running smoothly.

TVSS in West Texas
Static and Lightning Mitigation provides highly effective lightning protection to safeguard all your most expensive equipment. We have been serving the needs of clients in the oilfield industry, gas well drilling and power industry for many years. We are your trusted partner for all your oilfield lightning protection needs. Our experienced technicians will help you select the best products available for your lightning and static mitigation needs. Contact us today for more information. We serve North Texas, South Texas and West Texas with top quality Transient Voltage Surge Suppression and oilfield lightning protection.